Learn Spanish words with AI

You will see how you could learn new words instantly by using AI-generated mnemonics. Let’s dive in!

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Let’s see how you could learn these Spanish words:

  1. mujer (woman)
  2. manzana (apple)
  3. dinero (money)
  4. tenedor (fork)
  5. rana (frog)
  6. perro (dog)
  7. camarón (shrimp)
  8. maleta (suitcase)
  9. bosque (forest)
  10. ballena (whale)

1. Mujer - Woman 👩

A woman with a cow face in her hair

The word sounds like moo hair. Just picture a woman rocking a cool hairstyle that looks like a cow’s hair and you’ll never forget it!

2. Manzana - Apple 🍎

A smiling man in the sauna holding a huge apple

Picture a MAN, sitting in a SAUNA and eating an APPLE. He’s got his manzana! He’s so happy!

3. Dinero - Money 💵

A man eating money at the dinner table served with money istead of food

Imagine you are going out for DINNER, but they serve you money instead of food! Yup, that’s right, DINERO is MONEY

4. Tenedor - Fork 🍴

A ten-meter fork trying to fit through a door

Ever thought about a TEN-meter fork trying to fit through A DOOR?

5. Rana - Frog 🐸

A running sport frog

Picture a crazy, fast, Spanish frog who loves running. This isn’t just any frog, it’s a Runner (sounds like rana - Spanish for frog)! Catch it if you can!

6. Perro - Dog 🐕

A dog with a pear on its nose

Caught sight of a dog with a PEAR on its nose - as random as it sounds, it’s a quirky reminder of the Spanish word for dog, PERRO.

7. Camarón - Shrimp 🦐

Taking an image of a shrimp dish with a smartphone

Just turned CAMERA ON to capture the star of tonight’s dinner - a mouthwatering CAMARON (SHRIMP) dish.

8. Maleta - Suitcase 🧳

A man with a suitcase

I always remember to pack my LETTER in my SUITCASE. MY LETTER is in my MALETA (suitcase).

9. Bosque - Forest 🌲

A man with a suitcase

Unlocking a BOX with a KEY, you find a tiny FOREST inside.

10. Ballena - Whale 🐳

A dancing whale with a pink tutu

Just visualize a WHALE wearing a pink tutu and dancing gracefully in the ocean just like a BALLEriNA


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