Why Us? Memocity Manifesto

Welcome to Memocity! If you’re tired of the same old language learning apps and looking for something fresh, you’re in for a treat. Our goal is to make language learning a fun and productive journey for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned polyglot or just starting your language adventure.

⏰ The Time is Now

In November 2022, OpenAI unleashed ChatGPT, and since then, the AI race has been on fire. It’s 2023 now, and advancements in generative AI have reached unprecedented heights, capable of creating textual, visual, and even audio content in different languages that’s virtually impossible to tell apart from content crafted by humans.

This is the ideal moment to build a truly AI-powered language learning application. The tech is no longer on the horizon - it’s here, and large language models like GPT-4 and LLaMa are destined to make a monumental difference in the world of learning new languages. Our mission is simple: we’re all in to make AI 🤖 your best buddy in mastering languages.

💪 Unleashing Power of Mnemonics

If you’ve ever been a fan of Memrise before they started making notorious changes in 2017 🙄, you probably know about mnemonics, often referred to as “mems.” But if you’re scratching your head wondering what on earth mnemonics are, here’s the scoop: Mnemonics are like handy memory tricks that help you remember stuff by connecting them to things you already know. They can take all sorts of forms, from catchy phrases and clever acronyms to funny images and even sounds! Mnemonics are great for learning new words, and that’s why we’ve mixed them in with other cool techniques like spaced repetition and retrieval methods to achieve even greater results.

But here’s the catch: coming up with a good mnemonic can be quite time-consuming. You need to know the language well and have a touch of creativity. That’s where AI steps in to save the day! It makes creating mnemonics a snap, helping you not only find clever connections between words, but wrap them into memorable stories and even visualize them, ensuring you’ll never forget.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re actively working on further developing AI to expand its mnemonic capabilities across a wider range of languages, to let you enjoy mnemonics in your native language if it happens to be different from English.

🧙 The Quest for Customization and Simplicity

Personalized learning is like having a tailored suit that fits perfectly - it just feels right. Sadly, many language learning products on the market miss the mark. Some, like Duolingo, provide exercises that can feel disconnected and uncontrollable, making it hard to predict your learning journey. Others, like Clozemaster, strive for user flexibility but end up with cluttered and confusing interfaces, leaving you scratching your head 😕.

But here at Memocity, we’re committed to changing the game. We understand the importance of personalized learning and a seamless training experience. Our app is being developed with a highly-customizable exercise engine in mind, designed to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity. We want language learning to be smooth, effective, and adaptable to your unique needs.

🤲 United in Breaking Language Barriers

At Memocity, we’re all about keeping it real with our users. Your input is like our secret sauce for making our app awesome! We don’t just value it - we crave it. Seriously, we want to hear everything you’ve got to say. Whether it’s about our AI, those memory-boosting mnemonics, exercises, or community features, we’re all ears. Your ideas and suggestions are like treasures 💎 to us. Together, let’s make language learning a blast for everyone, because, hey, we’re on this journey together!

And speaking of journeys, community content is the beating heart of our app, and it always will be. We’re committed to keeping it freely available for all platforms. We believe that learning a language is best when it’s a collective effort. Whether you’re sharing word cards, inventive mnemonics, training sessions, or learning insights your contributions enrich the language learning experience for all. It’s not just about us - it’s about us all. We’re here to create a supportive and inclusive environment where learners can connect, collaborate, and grow together.

🔮 Our Future Plans

Looking ahead, here’s a sneak peek into our upcoming Memocity plans:

  • Demo Release: We’re super close to unveiling our first demo, and it’s all about mnemonics. Initially, we’re targeting English speakers interested in learning Spanish, but even if Spanish isn’t your thing, you’ve got to check out our innovative mnemonics approach. Plus, we’re already cooking up more features like flashcards, vocabulary lookups and exercises for you.

  • Community Hub: In the near future, we’ll be launching the Memocity Discord server. This platform will serve as a direct channel for interaction between our team and our app users, enabling us to respond promptly to your feedback and suggestions.

  • Language Expansion: Spanish is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to expand our language offerings to cater to language enthusiasts worldwide. So, stay tuned for more language options!

  • User-Powered Upgrades: Your feedback fuels our engine. We’re listening closely and working hard to roll out updates and improvements that you’ve been asking for. Your wish is our command!

  • Spreading the Word: We’re hitting the social scene to bring more folks into our Memocity family. The more, the merrier! Join us on other platforms, help us grow, and let’s create a language learning revolution together.

To keep an eye out for more updates, follow us on Twitter @memocity_ai, and if you haven’t already, leave your email on our landing page (we promise, no spam!) to stay in the loop about our latest updates and news. Together, we’re writing the future of language learning, one word at a time.

Stay inspired, stay curious, and let’s conquer new horizons together! 🌍🚀🌟